Not A Fan

It took me longer than I had anticipated, but I made it through my reading of Not A Fan. I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t convinced. Not so much in the message, that it was somehow wrong or missing the point. Rather, I struggled to dig out the message through all the sarcasm and extraneous information wrapped around it.

I’m pleased to say however, that as the book went on, the message rose to the surface and became much more accessible. And as a result much more challenging. I have no doubt that this book, and many others like it, are preaching the right message the church needs to hear today.

It’s a message of challenge and of commitment. A call for Christ-followers to get serious about their relationship with Jesus. My prayer has become, as I’ve read the book and as our church has joined in campaign through the material together, that we hear and heed the challenge. That we take it serious and allow it to impact our lives.

At the end of the day it won’t matter that I’ve read this book, or that I sat for six weeks through sermons from the book or watched a few videos that retold the story of the book. No, what will matter is if I was changed by the message. If I have allowed my life to be reoriented. And not reoriented by the words of Not A Fan, but rather by the words of Christ… to pick up my cross daily and follow him.


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