One Girl

I feel as though I should begin with a disclaimer… I try to avoid positioning myself in such a way that I might be judged as being self-promoting or bragging. I take very serious Scripture that talks about avoiding placing ones self in a position to receive the praise of man at the cost of the future praise of heaven. 

However, I think this is something that needs shared, if only to help spread the word and ultimately the impact. My aim is to not make this about me, but rather about One Girl.

Have you heard about the One Girl movement by Tiny Hands International? It’s a powerful and simple concept. Rather than fighting sex trafficking through violence, the fight is done on bent knee and with clasped hands, in an attitude of prayer. The idea of One Girl is to daily pray for one girl that has been somehow endangered or victimized by the sex trafficking trade in Nepal. The bracelet you see is a visual representation and reminder to daily pray. The black cord represents the evil darkness of sex trafficking. While the stone represents One Girl and the golden color the hope and light of God into this darkness. The bracelet is handmade by a girl, now living in Princess Home; a safe-house for rescued girls. The cost is $10 (preferably annually), but the impact of daily prayer is priceless.

Would you consider joining me in this fight. It may seem like not much or that $10 won’t make any real difference. But I firmly believe an army of prayer warriors will do more than we could ever hope or imagine; that it will do more than even our money. I’d ask you to pray for the conversion of the traffickers, brothel-owners and those who abuse these innocent children. Pray that their eyes will be able to see God’s truth. Pray for One Girl who is vulnerable to trafficking; one being trafficked at this moment, or one who is currently enslaved in a brothel. Pray for the girl’s family. Pray for rescue.

At the very least, will you give up four-minutes of your time to watch this video?


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