My Mistakes, A Matter of Perspective

I know it takes a rare sort of person to get excited about owning up to their mistakes. The upside to our mistakes however, is we all have them. Piles of them I’m sure. Within hours of our birth, the ticker on our mistake meter began running, and there likely is no sign of it slowing any time soon.

So let’s come clean, and admit we’ve made mistakes, and will do so again–probably very soon.

Here’s the thing though. Our mistakes often times are viewed from the wrong perspective. We tend to see the mess-ups of our lives as something to be frowned upon, or hidden away or even ashamed and embarrassed by. Have you considered that maybe your mistakes aren’t designed to be a permanent blemish on our life’s timeline, rather they are benchmarks of opportunity for God to come to the rescue?

With the help of Steven Furtick and his book Sun Stand Still, I was awoken to this aha moment recently when I read his words here…

Your mistakes can actually make you a more likely candidate for a miracle–if you process them God’s way.

Simple, and at the same time brilliant. It’s a matter of perspective. Do I view my mistakes in the negative or in the light of redemption? When we position ourselves to see our mistakes in this new way, we all of a sudden awaken to the reality of God at work in our lives.

Let’s commit together to realign our perspective as far as it relates to our mistakes, being cautious of course not to willfully wonder into them. But when we find ourselves having committed one, we no longer view it as negative, rather celebrate it while Jesus works to redeem it, creating miracles in our midst.


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