Life in the Tall Grass

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “the Lord works in mysterious ways.” I’d likely treat my family to a fancy dinner. But as corny as the phrase has come to sound, there is truth packed into dem, dar, words. For instance…

For some unbeknownst reason to me, I tweeted this statement today.

When you open yourself, in obedience to the move of God, he will provide you with opportunity that will both test and challenge you.

Why I tweeted it, I can’t tell you. It was one of those things that seemed right at the time; and I should note, also seemed harmless. Fast forward a couple of hours later, and I’m in my garage preparing to mow my lawn, when what do I hear? The soft spoken whisper to also mow my neighbors lawn.

For the record, I don’t know my neighbor really at all to know how he might react to me encroaching on his turf (literally). He’s just moved in and must work odd hours cause I’ve never seen him in person. I only know we have a neighbor thanks to the glow behind the blinds late at night.

Anyway, as I filled the mower with gas, I tried my best, honest I did, to put the thought out of my mind. After all, it’s not as though my neighbor is incapable of mowing his own lawn; he’s done it a time or two already. But try as I might, the words of my earlier tweet kept coming to mind. Before I knew it, half my yard was mowed, and I was knee deep in the high grass in the middle of my neighbor’s yard.

Why do I tell you this? Simple. God wasn’t about to let me speak words that I wasn’t willing to live out. Granted it wasn’t some huge David-like test, staring down a Goliath, but the challenge is the same. Would I allow myself to act out of obedience to God and do what he was directing me to do? Would I pass the test and rise to the challenge in other words?

I’d love to say that this is just another, in a long line of successful tests passed, but the reality is, I’m constantly learning to follow God’s leading. It’s a one day at a time sort of adventure I guess, and today I can look out my window and see that it was a job well done. I pray that tomorrow will produce similar results.


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