15 Habits Day 1: Declaration

Today marks day 1 of the 15 day challenge tossed out there by writer Jeff Goins. The premise is simple. Learn and apply to your writing and life a principle for 15 straight days. To be honest, I opted in to the challenge late last night, at the last hour and very much so on a whim. As I awoke today, I was somewhat anxious about what today’s day one challenge would be. I think I secretly hoped to myself that it would be some entry level sort of task. You know the sort that would require very little energy or effort or risk.


Jeff came out of the corner swinging; at least in my humble estimation. Here’s the challenge he put before us. THE CHALLENGE: So here’s what I want you to do today: Declare you’re a writer. 

Taking it a bit further up the intensity ladder, he added the caveat that our declaration ought to be to someone, and not just among the ones and zeros of our digital social universe.

I so badly want to report that I passed this day one challenge with flying colors. But I don’t think I did. I didn’t proclaim to anyone with vigor and voice that I am a writer. I did however have a revelation of sorts that I believe was nearly as freeing as having, completed to a tea, the challenge.

As I pondered late in the afternoon, my apparent inability to declare my reality as a writer to anyone who’d listen, I was struck with this thought, or maybe I ought to say truth. He’s what I tossed out on my TwitterFor as much as I’ve written in my life, I’ve never personally considered that I AM A WRITER, until now.

This personal revelation was the dose of mental freedom I think I was needing to propel myself forward these remaining fourteen days, and hopefully beyond. I have a strange feeling that what began as a late night impulse, may very well turn into a story worth telling. I suppose time will tell. For what it’s worth, day one of the adventure was rather exciting as it turns out.


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