King of the Mountain

It’s just after 4:30 in the morning, and I’m awake for no other reason than I’ve opted in to the adventure that is the 15 Day Challenge put out there by writer Jeff Goins. I’m up and writing simply because this was the challenge from yesterday, day 2. We were to take our second day into the challenge and deeply meditate on the truth that I Am A Writer; then today wake two hours earlier than normal and write. So here I am… writing.


Remember when you were younger, how almost any playground opportunity was immediately an opportunity for great adventure? It was in those moments we believed we really could fly. It was there we saw ourselves as king of the mountain. It was on the playground, lost in those moments, that the world seemed quite small and ourselves quite large. When did we loose that idealistic innocence about ourselves? When did life creep back into our reality and shake us so that we stopped living with unashamed abandon? How is it that the pure innocence of the playground rules of living are somewhere along the way replaced with the weight of this is how it’s supposed to be, now back in line?

Quite often it seems the Church is pinned down with this sort of hum drum thinking. Thinking, which leads to believing that to live in the heartland of the ideal sort of existence isn’t the way Jesus ever intended. Have we so quickly forgotten Jesus’ words in John 10? Instead the Church quietly accepts it’s pseudo-fate into mundane mediocre living. Assuming nothing is being missed outside the walls of the Sunday morning gathering. All the while there is a world waiting; desperate for the Church to wake up and exit the building and enter the world with the same vigor that once had us claim ourselves king of the mountain!

For a good number of years, I found myself adding to this narrative of this is how church is. I go, I sit, I listen, I leave, I repeat. Like a robot; a machine going through the motions week in and week out with little thought to whether or not there could be more. By the sheer grace of God I came to discover there was more. That Jesus never intended for his bride to simply go through the motions week after week. Jesus intended his Church to cause mass motion throughout the world, day in and day out, as we engage the culture all around us with the good new of the gospel.

Fast forward the story a bit and I’ve come to discover other like-minded, like-hearted followers of Jesus who have also come to the gripping reality that we were designed for something more, for something great. That we’ve been created to live on mission with God to bring hope and healing to our individual corners of the world, who are broken and in need of such things. It’s such a liberating feeling when you step into the room and realize there are others standing among you who are equal parts crazy to you.

This summer, for eight weeks, I’m joining together with a group of fellow crazies to move through the book, the Barefoot Church Primer by Brandon Hatmaker. This journey will daily guide us through the learning and doing process of shifting our lives to better live on mission for God. I’m excited to think what a room full of teenagers and adults, all pointed in the same direction, will be able to accomplish for the Kingdom this summer. While there is a part of me that would like to see where this may all go; it’s a rather small part of me. More than anything I’m excited for the journey and for the group of playground misfits that have opted in along side of me.

Changing my small corner of the world won’t be easy, but then again, anything worth doing rarely is.


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