It’s all good! Or is it?

I’ve started tracking what I’m eating… well, I’ve sort of starting tracking; it doesn’t always happen. Actually, I’m starting to track my eating again. It was about this time last year that I began tracking, and somewhere a few months in, I dropped the ball. Unlike some people I’m sure, I don’t track my eating habits at a religious level. I’ve just admitted it doesn’t always happen. And while I track, I try not to obsess.

What I’ve found interesting though is just how much I can “get away with eating” in a given day. Should I add a bit of exercise to the equation, and it’s even more how much I can eat. I know this is simple 4th grade science here, but as someone who likes to eat this comes as a welcomed surprise.

As I’m beginning the mental checklist to ready me for the day, I see ahead of me on the daily horizon I need to mow the yard and also do my C25K workout run. This aha moment has caused in me a certain level of joy and excitement, as it likely means I’m able to darn near eat anything I would like to and still finish the day ahead.

Imagine standing at the start of the day, realize I can eat anything I want. It’s mind blowing really. It’s invigorating. But then the words of Paul creep into my¬†consciousness, and I remember that while everything is permissible to me, it’s not all beneficial. Sound advice when one finds themselves at the forefront of seemingly endless opportunity and possibility.

A caution to myself and to you, enter into the day realizing that while you may obtain it all, not all the day offers is wise to obtain.


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