A Public Display of Practice

Seriously, what have I done? If I could retrace my steps back five days ago, knowing what I know now, I’m not so sure I ever would have agreed to involve myself in Mr. Goins writing challenge. That being said, no one is forcing me to do it. Yet, here I am, continuing to write day after day.

The challenge today was quite large and foreboding. Much like a flash of lightening that sneaks up on you during a summer storm, today’s challenged was all business. Step out from the shadows and practice your craft in public. Something to that effect. To help nudge us along Jeff offered a few suggestions to get us pointed in the right direction. Once such suggesting was to acquire a guest spot on a blog.

Of all the listed options, I figured this was most doable and likely involved the least amount of work, stress or strain on my part. After all, it’s the blogger assuming the majority of the risk; not me. That’s what I thought anyway, until mid-afternoon rolled around the weight of this possibility hit me dead on the shoulders. I felt a bit sick to my stomach. I can’t recall now, but I think I even was a bit shaky at the mere thought that my, innocent enough request to be a guest blogger may be granted. And should it be grated I have to follow through. And if I follow through I’ll likely write for a larger audience than ever before. And if I wright for such a large audience–insert the sound of loosing one’s dinner here!

If I’m being honest, there is a part of me that hopes my request returns void. But then there is that smaller, yet brazen part of me that hopes it doesn’t. Why not take a risk? Why not toss my words out there for all… or at least more, to see? Why not put on a public display of practice?

So, we’ll have to wait and see how the verdict is rendered. I’ll be sure to keep you posted either way.


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