That “Oh Dread” Feeling

ImageIt’s Monday, and while that likely means a vast many different things; for me it means a return to the 15 habits writing challenge by Jeff Goins. Following a gentle pause for the weekend, we began this week working to overcome perfection; which we all know to be a palatable way to cover procrastination. The assignment for today was to “ship” something, anything, out the digital door, and await feed back, tweak, reship and wait some more. I pondered long and hard what I might be able to ship. After all I’m not in the midst of some great novel or magazine article. Quite honestly I was becoming afraid that I didn’t really have anything to ship, and then a thought occurred to me.

Two years back, as I neared the end of graduate school, I wrote a piece that I intended to submit to a youth worker magazine. After all, I’d already received my grade, complete with golden star sticker, so it was time to move it along to the next level. I wish I could pin down the reason that never happened, Alas, it never happened. I’d, for the most part, forgotten about the entire piece. That is until now.

Here comes the feeling of dread… I don’t know where the memory card is that the piece is saved on.

For the life of me, I can’t remember. Try as I might, I can’t recall the “safe place” I would have stored it, for safe keeping. What I can recall however, is how I now wished I’d taken the time to back up all my grad work to Google Drive. Trust me, should I find my precious memory card, I’ll first back it up and second submit my article piece.



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