The Beauty of Common Needs

The middle. The space of something generally reserved for the “good part”. The point in which you begin to believe again that you can make it to the end. The middle. Today is the middle of the 15 day writing challenge. Today is an ugly day as far as the challenge goes. Ugly in the sense that without first being ugly, beauty is hard to come by. The imagery here is quite profound and simple at the same time. If you never begin and run the risk of that “thing” you’re venturing into coming out ugly, you will never arrive at the transformation from ugly to beautiful.

Today’s challenge joins up nicely with the conversations being had tonight in our small group meeting. Presently, I’m helping to lead a group of young people through the tool, the Barefoot Church Primer. It’s an eight week, daily study on how to learn to live a life that is directed toward helping your “neighbor” and serving in the gap of need. Tonight’s gathering marked the first week of study. The primary point being made around the circle in our discussion was that unless we prayerfully ask to see the most simple of need around us, we’ll likely never notice it in the first place, altogether missing out on great opportunity.

Truthfully speaking, failing to see everyday need is too common a habit. Personally, I often want to strive for the home run when it comes to meeting need. I want to accomplish that thing that makes the biggest bang and is most obvious. Unfortunately, in my search for great, I overlook and take no notice of good; therefore failing to do no good along the way. Missing an opportunity to serve because of such a glaring oversight is, you might say ugly. If I fail to meet the most common, simple of needs I remain ugly. But if I begin to meet those sorts of need, eventually the build up of end results amounts to something of sheer beauty.

My prayer is I would see the most common of need, and begin there, in whatever way I can to meet those needs, painting a picture of beauty along the way.


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