Running for a Reason

Help support me [Team Ryno] as I run to support Team Crossing and the Crossing Educational Center at the Nappanee Apple Festival 5K, September 15, 2012.

While I very much need your love and encouragement as I train and then especially on race day. I also need your financial support. Donating to Team Ryno is donating to the Crossing Educational Center. A place that is helping struggling individuals become transformed, fulfilled and contributing members of society through faith-based education and caring relationships.

Making a donation is quick and easy. Follow this link:
Select my name [Ryan Smith] from the drop down menu, and then follow the instructions.

A donation of any amount is valuable and greatly appreciated. Whether you give $5 or $500, all 100% of your donation is credited to the Crossing Educational Center, to further their ministry efforts.

My prayer and my goal is to raise $2500 for the Crossing. Will you join me in seeing this goal become a reality?


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