A Simple Hello

A Simple HelloThe other day, I came across this saying on Pinterest, and it rather caught my attention. I can be one of those persons who walks into a room of strangers, and assuming I’m in the right mood, come out with new friends. It’s a quality that can drive some people nuts; my wife included. Alas, it’s how I’m wired.

Nevertheless, I would very much agree with the statement. Without thinking, I proved the statement to be true, while waiting for my venti vanilla latte. Noting the Notre Dame inspired fingernails of the barista, I commented on her thoughts regarding the BCS Championship game. From that one innocent question, I learned the following:

She’s married, has a toddler, quit smoking and drinking, doesn’t like coffee, but loves the smell and the effects; so instead she drinks Red Bull and Mt. Dew. I learned she has tomorrow off work, her manager has Wednesday off and she doesn’t work again till Thursday, which is good because she knows if ND looses the game her manager will “give her crap” about the game.

In a matter of just a few minutes, because of a comment about finger nails, I learned more about a total stranger than I had known if I’d stayed silent. It’s interesting to think what a simple hello will unlock. One thing’s certain; if you never speak it, you’ll never know.



2 thoughts on “A Simple Hello

  1. No argument here. I have been regularly amazed at what something as simple as a kind hello in-person or via the Internet can spark. It least it periodically gives me something to write about.

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