Prestigious Recognition

A couple of months back, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that he’d been chosen as the Beard of the Month over at The Bearded Idealist. After reading more about my friend’s beard, and poking around the blog, I opted to toss my whiskers in the ring to see what might happen…

To my great surprise, I was award the prestigious recognition of being selected for the April Beard of the Month. Being as how today is my Father’s birthday, I’d like to dedicate this honor to him.

So, without further delay, I am pleased to share with you all, The Bearded Idealist April Beard of the Month. 



Beard Theology

I just so happened to be poking around Scot McKnight’s blog today; something I don’t do nearly enough. And while there I happened to have my attention caught by this post displaying the various beards found in ministry.

Being a beaded man myself, and in ministry, I decided to check it out further. While there were several styles that came close, none nailed it quite like the Neo-Reformed. See for yourself:

Neo-ReformedIf you look close enough, you’ll even notice I have the beginnings of the white streaks beginning to establish themselves. Referencing the description, and it’s a lock for sure. I suppose it goes without saying that from here on out I’ll be referring to myself in theological circles as a Neo-Reformist; but then again any well trained theologian will already know that just by noting the beard.

My Life In Pictures (day 26)

imageMy apologies for having not posted a photo in a while; but then again, I suppose I did warn you this may be the norm for this year.

Such as it is, I couldn’t resist posting a photo documenting my daughter’s truancy. After all, she is a PK and this sort of rebelliousness is to be expected I suppose. Now, don’t get me wrong. I dearly love the ladies that operate our church library. Quite honestly, they do a bang up job. But when I saw this note sitting in my box at church, noticed it was for Lily, then read its contents. Well, I’ll admit, I laughed.

I think it may have had something to do with the line that reads, “…the following books, videos, CD’s or Cassettes…” Cassettes. Really! We’re actually taking time to track those down? And who’s checking out cassettes from the church library? I want to tell our ladies that who ever has any of the church cassettes, it’s theirs to keep. You know, as a gift from the church. Now, I know this is a standard, catch all form the ladies use. And I also know we still offer cassettes in the church library… as much as that pains me to admit such a thing. But I’m going on record, making a pastoral decision that all church cassette tapes are free to check out with no due date. In fact, should you return a cassette tape you’ve checked out, you’ll be fined.

The good news is, I covered for my daughter, and returned the Otto book promptly the next day. So all is again, right in the world. Or at least in our small corner of it, as far as the church library is concerned.

Best to Watch Your P’s & Q’s

Last week I was on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday, and while I was out, I missed a few phone calls that had come into the church office for me. One such caller was kind enough to follow up with an email. Unfortunately, as you’ll see, having missed talking to me in person must have angered this individual something awful. Here is the start of their email to me; note the greeting…

Hell Pastor Ryan,

Sorry I was unable to speak with you personally when I called the church today.

We want to make sure you know that…

I guess we’re all entitled to a typo every now and again. I know I’ve made my fair share of them in the course of my life.