Speed & Angels

I’ve recently become a fan of Hulu.com and last night I watched an interesting documentary; Speed and Angels.  A documentary that follows two young Navy aviators as they pursue their childhood dream  of becomeing F14 Tomcat fighter piolts.  While this documentary appealed to my boyish side, recalling past memories where I too wanted to be a fighter piolt (it would be interesting to know the impact the movie Top Gun had on so many in the late 80’s).  What I found really interesting was that one of the two piolts followed was a woman; Meagan, who at the time of the documentary was the only female F14 figher piolt, and actuality was the last as the F14 was decomissioned in 2006.  On so many different levels this was an interesting documentary, and I’d recommend watching it the next time you have 90 minutes to spare.