Adventures in Charcoal

Last spring I became the proud owner of a wonderful gas grill.  A few days ago I became the not-so-proud owner of a not-so-wonderful gas grill.  I had been noticing some unevenness in the overall temperature of the grill and upon further investigation realized I had two significant cracks in my gas lines.  Typically this isn’t too big an issue as you swap out the old lines for new.  Unfortunately, all three of my lines were rusted beyond repair, along with the screws holding them in place.

Being the summer time grill master that I am, the thought of finishing out the summer without a grill just wouldn’t do.  So I resorted to an old friend; the Weber charcoal grill.  This is the grill my mother taught me on; so it was only natural to return to the charcoal (as well as economical for the times).

After a couple of days wait to finally initiate the new grill, I set out to break it in tonight.  Lindsay  pulled some steaks from the back of the freezer and I took care of the rest.

Allow me to share the experience with you via photo essay.

Grilling Out 001

Preparing the coals…

Grilling Out 003

Grilling Out 005

Preparing the meat… garlic salt, seasoning salt, cracked white pepper, rosemary (both sides).

Grilling Out 006

The bacon was for later with the green beans… cracked white pepper.

Grilling Out 008

Unfortunately, the cast shadow makes the meat look charred; which was not the case at all.  The steaks were cooked to a perfect medium/medium well.  Low and slow, the secret to perfect grilled meat.

Grilling Out 007

The wait is all most over.

Grilling Out 009

The end result… Rosemary char-grilled top round steak with garden fresh green beans and grilled cracked white pepper bacon.

A very tasty first attempt on charcoal in quite some time.